Dance Classes \ Description

Beginner Level 1:

Welcome to your first class and standard! This class is designed for complete beginners or students with understanding in other dance forms.

We’ll teach you the basics starting with the rhythm, basic steps, leading/ following fundamentals and linking basic patterns.
After a few classes you will no longer feel like have two left feet and realise how much fun dancing can be! No experience required.
Beginner Level 2:

This class is designed to build on the fundamentals learned at Beginner (Level 1) in preparation for the Intermediate Level.

We’ll teach you new leading/ following techniques, body control and introduce new patterns.

At this level you will start venturing with your dancing socially and realise how addictive dancing can be! Must have understanding of Beginner (Level 1).
Intermediate Level:

At this level you’ll learn to bridge the material learned at Beginner (Levels 1 & 2).

We’ll teach you multiple concepts and patterns to gain confidence with your dancing and create new and exciting variations that are nice and easy to execute on the dance floor.
At this level you will be a comfortable and competent dancer. Be prepared to change your
life forever! Must have full understanding of Beginner (Levels 1 & 2).
Advanced Level:

A highly intensive class designed to gain freedom with your dancing while learning complex and dynamic patterns.

You will become extremely confident and have complete understanding of leading/ following techniques, styling and body control and be able to express your dancing in an amazing way!
Not for the faint hearted. At this level you will learn all those sexy moves to burn up the dance floor! Must have full understanding of Intermediate Level.

Private tuition is also available for all levels from absolute beginners to advanced.
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